Martin Luther King has correctly said that “Injustice anywhere is threat to the justice everywhere.” In my opinion injustice from this planet can’t be abolished altogether but can be eradicated gradually through the continuous efforts. An effort in this direction has been taken by the Department of Legal Studies in the University Teaching Department of the Sarguja University, Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. Law teaching and learning is not new in independent India. There are various monitoring bodies viz. Bar Council of India, University Grants Commission and Ministry of Higher Education. But very little yield has been achieved. It is needless to say that the institutions running the law courses have taken very little care of the scientific study of law and applied very casual approach towards it. Deferring from this casual approach of law teaching, we emphasise upon the scientific study of law and its applicability in the society. We believe in learning of law instead of casual dialogue. We encourage our students to do high quality of research work in law and strive to infuse into them skill of legal drafting. To date, we are offering LL.M two year degree program in Human Rights spread over four semesters in minimum two years and maximum four years. It is on choice based credit system (CBCS). In addition to core law papers spread over two semesters, in remaining semesters, we emphasis more upon the needs and ways of implementation of human rights at global and domestic level as well, along with the theoretical and practical genesis of the human rights. We deliver more about the live status of human rights instead of bookish knowledge. We strive to prepare highly qualified legal professional and socially responsible person.

I welcome all ignited, socially spirited and curious minds in the department for two years long legal discourse/ dialogue.

Saman Narayan Upadhyay

Head, Department of Legal Studies.



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