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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

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    Sarguja University Ambikapur ,sarguja(C.G.)

(i) Composition

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) will constitute a Mission

           Authority with the following composition:

 Union Human Resource Minister  Chairperson

     Secretary of the Department of higher education in the Union Ministry of Human

Resource Development, as the Vice‐Chairperson,

     Chairperson UGC,

     Chairperson AICTE,

     Chairpersons of the State Council for Higher Education Councils of all states,

     Three Experts in the field of Higher Education,

     Financial Advisor to MHRD,

     Joint Secretary (Higher Education)  Member Secretary

(ii) Meetings

The RUSA Mission Authority will meet bi-annually or as often as required. It will be

      assisted in its functioning by the Project Directorate. The operational costs of the meetings,

      including sitting fees for non-official members, will be financed by the project through the

      MMER budget.

(iii) Functions

The RUSA Mission Authority, besides providing guidance and directions for maximizing

      gains from the project, will:

     Delineate overall policy and planning


     Review functioning of Project Approval Board

     Allocate funds to Project Approval Board for release to States

     Commission and Review findings from policy reform, thematic and evaluation


(iv) Disclosure

The Minutes of all RUSA Mission Authority meetings will, for ensuring transparency in

          selections and other decisions, be regularly published on its website

Last Updated on

13 August 2017

Contact Details

Administrative Building,
Near Hospital Road, Darripara,
Ambikapur, Sarguja (C.G.)
Phone: - (07774),222790,
Fax: - (07774) 222791,
Email: -  registrarsua@yahoo.co.in