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The Department of Farm Forestry is running one academic programme i.e. M.Sc. Farm Forestry (4 semesters/ 2 years). The university is among the very few universities which are providing Master degree in such specialised subject. Core aim of the course is to provide trained, skilled and specialized workers to the area where the maximum population consists of tribal communities.  According to Census 2001 more than half (56.6 per cent) of the total tribal workers are ‘Cultivators’ i.e. farmers. Historically these communities remained outside the realm of the general development process due to their habitation in forests and hilly tracts. In spite of the many affirmative actions by the Government, the residents faced insurmountable problems due to their low socio-economic conditions, poverty, unemployment, displacement, indebtedness, lack of opportunities, accessibility and awareness of the government programmes. The course content is such which makes the students understand the multiple benefits of forests and trees and what sustainable forest and farm management requires in practice. The course include excursion to the local areas, research institute in order to understand the course in a better way.

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