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Message from Head of Department


On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Farm Forestry it gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you the Department of Farm Forestry. Although the Department is new and in the development phase but its steady progress now demonstrates the significance and potential of the Department. The students here are provided with a field-based education that balances basic and applied research in the field of Farm-Forestry. They are encouraged and equipped with hands-on practise at fieldwork, visits and tours covering almost all spheres of the homeland throughout the year at the Department.

            The purpose of the Department is to demonstrate the standard principles of natural resources management applicable to tribal society of Sarguja and the Farm Forestry, especially in India. We pay particular attention to conservation and management of forests and farm. Our research focuses on contributing to environmentally sound methods to diversify local and country economy by producing sustainability in Natural resources. Our faculty promotes healthy debate, interchange of ideas, and problem solving in teaching, research, and outreach programs that include Research, fieldwork, trips and internships with management and research organizations. We offer Post-graduate degree in Farm Forestry enabling students to work as professional Farm-foresters. 




                                                                                                                   FARM FORESTRY